Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Gel










•    Removes rust from hard-to-reach surfaces of immovable, heavy, large objects

•    Easy to use – no scrubbing, no dipping, no wire brushing

•    Versatile - highly-adhesive formula is ideal for use on vertical surfaces

•    Economical - apply only where needed; minimizes waste; saves money

•    Safe - controlled application reduces risk of harming surface areas around the rust

•    Wide coverage - one jar covers approx. 230 in² (0.148 m²) of surface area.

•    Long shelf life - lasts up to one year after opening.

•    Bio-degradable formula -  environmentally-friendly, dermatologically-tested.

•    Non-toxic gel - odorless, colorless, no acids, no alkalis, no solvents

•    Safe on paint, rubber, plastic, metal and you!

•    Maintains mechanical properties & original functionalities of metal.


Apply a 1/8” (3 mm)thick layer of Metal Rescue™ Gel (via brush, roller or wipe on) to rusted area of the metal surface. Metal Rescue™ Gel will darken in color as rust is removed.


Metal Rescue™ Gel must remain moist to remove rust. To do so, use Metal Rescue’s signature plastic wrap method. 


Once desired results are achieved, rinse or wipe off Metal Rescue™ Gel completely. Result is clean; bare metal is ready to use