Success Stories


Export Packager
A large export packager had previously used oils and liquids to prevent rust in their packaging and shipping process. The oils and liquids caused major issues with shipping companies as well as with their customers. 


Ford Transmissions
A major Ford plant received numerous customer complaints of corrosion on transmission hubs. During this period, a competitor’s VCI bag was used as a bin-liner to ship parts from Ford to its customers. ARMOR saved Ford over $125,000/year with this issue.


GKN Sinter Metals
GKN shipped auto parts to Chrysler Mexico and was experiencing severe rust issues due to the amount of water contained inside the powder metal. With thousands of rusty parts potentially lost, ARMOR’s Metal Rescue™ saved GKN thousands of dollars.


Global Pump Company
For suppliers in the oil and gas industry, it would seem like oil would be a natural rust preventative. ARMOR helped the major oil and gas supplier switch to safe, clean and easy rust prevention.


Golden Gate Bridge Cable
Shipping a massive, expensive and one of a kind component from China to San Francisco, USA posed challenges for this construction component supplier in China. ARMOR’s VCI materials helped eliminate rust, save money and assure a successful shipment and fix to the Golden Gate Bridge.


John Deere Harvesters
Read how ARMOR helped change the way this John Deere plant protected metal components during shipping and storage to South America and export locations. Deere went from a labor-intensive and messy process of oiling to ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ products that are clean, safe and easy.


Scrapping parts is costly. Attempting to de-rust them with acids is dangerous for personnel and the metal surface. Thanks to ARMOR’s Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath, this Linamar plant was able to save over 3,000 parts and get their customer back up and running.


Mold Storage
Mold storage can be a costly, messy and time-consuming process. There are challenges with the heat of the molds that make it even more problematic. ARMOR WRAP® VCI Paper was able to save this manufacturer $42,000 in their storage of extrusion molds.


Nuclear Power Plant
One of the largest nuclear facilities in the world was using oil to prevent rust on critical and sensitive parts. The application was messy, time consuming and exposed workers to hazardous chemicals. ARMOR China helped them convert to safe, clean and easy rust preventative solutions using ARMOR VCI packaging saving them millions of dollars.


Plastics Processing Equipment
Using a thick oil that was applied to extrusion barrels valued between $8K-$150K per unit, this company fought rust on every shipment. ARMOR WRAP® VCI Paper saved them thousands if not millions over that last decade and one-half.


For over three decades, ARMOR Protective Packaging has served the corrosion management needs of customers and industries around the world.


ARMOR currently services over 90% of the Fortune 500™ industrial companies in the following industries: Automotive, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction, Military, Export, Electronics, Aviation, Aeronautical and more.


Understanding metals and the financial costs of corrosion (rust) in each of these markets are your unique business struggles - and our areas of expertise.


ARMOR corrosion management experts know that every industry has distinct needs. Our sales associates and distributors are ready, willing and more than able to assist you.