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Established in 1979, Armor Protective Packaging® provides the industry’s cleanest, safest, easiest, and most effective corrosion management systems for metal products. ARMOR’s full line of vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging products, desiccants and its rust removal and prevention liquids are designed to protect metals before, during and after transport or storage. ARMOR’s industry reputation as a trusted business partner has been built by serving its customers and preserving their investments for more than thirty-five years.


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ARMOR is on guard to serve and preserve with locations around the world. Working with ARMOR gives your company the edge it needs to compete in a global economy. With corrosion inhibiting and rust removal systems that are clean, safe and easy, ARMOR keeps your company doing what you do best: producing metal parts, free from worry about rejects and rust complaints. With service on four continents and in more than 25 countries, ARMOR is positioned to provide you corrosion management solutions wherever you need them. In selecting our global partners, ARMOR seeks out like-minded professional companies that focus on providing their customers with unsurpassed service. Through our international network of partners, ARMOR is able to offer our global customers products where they need them, with service that is local.



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ARMOR starred alongside actors Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, and Gwyneth Paltrow in the blockbuster "Iron Man 2". See the photos and watch the video clip of ARMOR's two main products, ARMOR WRAP(r) VCI Paper and ARMOR POLY(r) VCI Film, protect Tony Stark's arc reactor that was stored in a wooden crate. Even super heroes rely on ARMOR!




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Volatile or Vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VCI/VPI) are a class of chemical compounds that emit rust inhibiting vapors into an enclosed air space to prevent corrosion on a metal surface. Armor Protective Packaging® products utilize our proprietary VCI nanotechnology, essential to keeping your shipments, stored items and even in-process metals corrosion free for years of protection.


ARMOR has engineered highly specialized corrosion inhibitors based on ionic salts. Our packaging materials are infused with the corrosion inhibitors, carrying them into the packaging environment. In the presence of moisture the salts dissolve to form ions, permeating the packaging environment with corrosion inhibitors. The inhibiting ions are attracted to and deposit on the metallic surfaces displacing moisture in the process and re-associating to form a stable nanocoating only a few molecules thick.


Benefits of ARMOR Proprietary VCI:

  • Self-adjusts to the environment (temperature & humidity)

  • Migrates to distant metallic surfaces and recessed areas VCI

  • Molecular film does not alter any important metal properties

  • Vapors replenish inside the contained package